Nethercraigs School - Copyright Jackie Pirie

Nethercraigs School

Nethercraigs school was formally opened on the 3rd September 1877 with Mr William Dickie as the teacher.  The opening ceremony was led my Mr Dickie who opened with a prayer, and was followed by Mr C B Renshaw of the Abbey School Board who declared the school open for all of its 54 pupils.

The Paisley Daily Express article on the formal opening describes the school a specimen of Victorian Gothic architecture – one of the most elegant schools that had been built in the district.

The school was designed to house 130 children with a principal room, classroom and a school room.  Cloakrooms and toilets were also provided for both boys and girls. In the centre of the building was a tower standing 75 feet (22.86m) in height.  Above the main entrance for boys was placed a belfry containing a bell and weathervane.  The teacher’s house was attached to the main building, constructed in the same style and blended the whole complex with its surroundings.

Over the years the school was served by the following teachers:

Mr William Dickie 1877 – 1890

Miss Margaret Dickie 1882 – 1884

Mr William Alexander 1884

Mr Andrew Brown (Headmaster) 1891 – 1899

Miss Euphemia Mair (pupil teacher) 1891 – 1894, 1903

Jane Duncan 1891 – 1896

Mr John Cochrane 1899 – 1904

Miss Jeanie Craig 1899 – 1903, 1907 – 1950

Miss Mary McIntyre 1903 – 1906

Mr William Purdon 1904 – ? Headmaster

Miss Wyllie 1906 –

Miss Elizabeth Kennedy 1911 (cookery)

Mr John Mair (Headmaster) c1927 – 1930

Miss Jenny ross left 1927

Miss Margaret Craig 1927

Mr John Gibson (Headmaster) left  1939

Mr Thomas R Jackson (Headmaster) 1939-

Miss Isabell Duncan (Infant Mistress) 1950 –

Nethercraigs School - Copyright Jackie Pirie
Nethercraigs School – Copyright Jackie Pirie