On the 15th April 2021 Glenburn Parish Church united with Stow Brae Kirk to create Paisley: St George’s.

Glenburn Church is now known as Paisley St George’s Outreach Centre, remaining at the heart of the Glenburn community.

Weekly Drop In Sessions

Friday’s 2 – 4pm

Our drop in sessions in the Outreach Centre on Nethercraigs Drive are on Friday’s between 2 and 4pm. Any current or former residents of Glenburn is welcome to come along, chat about their memories, bring old photographs in to let us see them and also donate them / have them scanned to add to our digital collection.

You can come along at any point during the session, have a cup of tea or coffee in the cafe area and chat to any of the volunteers. If you’d like to get more involved and volunteer with the project, you are welcome to contact us before the drop in sessions begin, and we can see how you can fit into the project.

If there is a large number of people coming a long at the same time, you may be asked to come back the following week, as we still need to limit the number of people within the building at the present time.

Established in 1947, the housing scheme of Glenburn was constructed during the 1950s. This project group aims to gather the social history of the estate, along with the history of the lands, industry, schools and people lived in the area prior to development.


Glenburn Parish Church in 1962 taken by Rev Dr G Cameron

We want to gather peoples memories of the estate through photographs, oral history and written memories of social life within Glenburn along with memories of the schools, churches and industries that existed before and after the estate was built. Initially we will be opening a Facebook Group to start the process during the pandemic, and eventually when restrictions are relaxed we will hold drop in sessions in Glenburn Parish Church to meet people, digitise images, and record the memories of the estate.

Find us on facebook

On Facebook we have a group page for people to join and share their images and memories of Glenburn. When people post they agree that the images and comments made are their own, and that they give the heritage group permission to compile and use the information given on this website and other publications by the group. On the website and publications only first names will be used to identify contributors.

Join the group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/glenburnheritage

We also have a normal page where we will post updates about the project and other events that may be of interest. Like the page at: www.facebook.com/Glenburn-Heritage-Group-101760921951199

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